Compostable Clamshell | 8×8 | 200 case

Ref. C8x8
8″ X 8,5″ X 2,8″

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Within this container, you can transport or save your food like sandwiches, burgers, fries, or even hotcakes. Its use isn’t recommended for food like soups or any liquid food.


  • Transports your food in an ecological way.
  • Made of 100% compostable material.
  • Made of renewable resources.
  • It can be used in microwaves, as well as for refrigeration.
  • Once its useful life is completed, it will degrade in 150 days.

Color: Bone

Material: Sugarcane fiber

Texture: Rugose (fiber)

Use: Pack any solid food. Not recommended for liquid foods.

Use temp: Between 68°F – 248°F/ 20°C – 120°C

Pres.: 100 -250-500

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