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Take-Out Containers

Our packaging and container options are made from a variety of sustainable materials that decompose faster than styrofoam and plastic alternatives. With HS Ecolife, helping to preserve the planet’s resources is now profitable for your business.


A sustainable decision for every need. Our containers are fabricated with renewable resources such as corn starch, sugarcane bagasse, and wheat starch. As all our products, our containers are compostable and guarantee the organoleptic products content characteristics.


Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, infusions … this lid is the perfect option for the safe service of all drinks that are sold in your establishment or event.


Our bowls are ideal to carry hot or cold foods, such as salads, appetizers, soups, or any other side. Made from sugarcane bagasse, a product that is 100% compostable. 


Discover our PET plastic cups, crafted for convenience! Pair them with optional lids for the perfect on-the-go solution. Ideal for serving delicious drinks and treats at any takeaway spot. Enjoy convenience with every sip!


Paper wrapped, these eco-friendly straws are recommended for use with all beverages including milkshakes, floats, smoothies and other thick beverages.

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Sustainability Served Fresh: Discover the Magic of Disposable, Compostable Food Containers!


Dinorah Vazquez

Discovered this gem while searching for eco-friendly options. Their disposables are durable and guilt-free. Tried their plates and utensils for events, impressed by performance and sustainability. Highly recommend!

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Vanessa Arellano

Game-changer for waste reduction! Their eco disposables outperform non-sustainable options. Used their cups and bowls for a party, stylish and sturdy. Feels good supporting quality and sustainability.

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Virginia Renteria

Thrilled to find eco-friendly disposables that don’t compromise on quality. Used their cutlery for picnics, convenient and guilt-free. Knowing they break down naturally after use is a win for the environment. Highly recommend!

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Chécol Urquidi

Great place that offers the perfect alternative to plastic food containers with their unique Ecofriendly organic To-Go containers!

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Olga Patricia Jurado Sarmiento

Una nueva alternativa para su negocio y sobre todo ayudamos al medio ambiente

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