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200 case

Ref. C9x9
9″ x 9 X 2,8″

1 - 2
× Compostable Clamshell | 9x9

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Within this container, you can transport or save your food like sandwiches, burgers, fries, or even hotcakes. Its use isn't recommended for food like soups or any liquid food.

• Maximum temperature of 140°F.
• Made of plants.
• Compostable in 45 days.
• Not suitable for the consumption of hot drinks.

Color: Bone
Material: Sugarcane fiber
Use: Pack any solid food. Not recommended for liquid foods.
Pres.: 100-200 units

Additional information

Weight 19.85 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 × 9.45 × 18.11 in